Hotel Mobile E Concierge Solution

Cloud based POS with Online food ordering APP

IS the complete software suite for restaurants with integrated 3 modules – Point of Sale, Online Food Ordering & Digital Menu, Restaurants can make max of it by integrating payment wallet/gateways, Kitchen Statoboard and Restaurant Maintenance Task Management.

Being Cloud based :
  • Less Cost & Low investment
  • Easy adoptability & User friendly
  • Easy Scalability
  • Works on internet
  • Centralized information and dash boards
Chain of Restaurants
Food Ordering App

Food Ordering App

Single restaurant to chain of restaurants.
  • Order food from home
  • by choosing restaurant
  • by Rating
  • Location
  • Menu with description
  • Review
  • payment wallet
  • tracking
  • feedback
  • Offers
  • Royalty programs
Food Ordering App

Point of Sale Software

Stand-alone outlet to chain of restaurants.
  • Cloud based Billing
  • Accounting & ACR
  • Stores & Inventory
  • Menu Management
  • KOT
  • Centralized Operation & Dashboard
Food Ordering App

E Menu

Cloud based Android OS.

Customers comfort to choose dishes by seeing the dishes images, reading description, price.

Once cart is done, steward to assign table number and confirm. The KOT will be printed

Food Ordering App

Kitchen Statoboard

Smart TV or Android TV in Kitchen to display the real-time KOT.

It will have option to update the production status and communicate back to F& B Desk.