Smart Guest Room Tabs & Interactive TV Solution Make Your Hotel Rich . . .

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Opportunity to showcase max of your facilities to guests.

The Guest Room Otelpad System enables hotel to provide their guests the convenience of accessing & requesting services of the hotel including hotel info, Menu, billing details, travel desk tariff, amenities, checkout, and promotions to feedback. Otelpad has to parallel extension, it could be used parallel with OtelAppTM, to be used in hotels TV’s and with 10” Android Tabs. It’s purely cloud based and talks for services real-time. Otelpad is the most economical way to upgrading the hotel standard to Interactive TV model without much investment and infrastructural change.

How Otelpad Differentiate with its unique architect.
Interactive Television is the latest trend in the market, every hoteliers wish to upgrade but because of the huge cost & infrastructural requirements it becomes difficult to implement.
Otelpad works on Wi-Fi and it’s the cost of investing on 10” Android Tabs. Any TV’s could be upgraded to Android using foreign unit and have Otelpad application into it if not Android TV’s Could be up and running with in a day.
It works on Otelapp platform. Talks to otelapp for requests and Otelapp Task Management application does the rest.