Otel TMS

Task Management Solution

Cloud Based Task Management System

OtelTMS is an end to end solution integrating Incore, OtelApp, OtelPad & OtelMenu. OtelTMS proves to be the best solution for any type and scale of hotels to go digital operation. The Task Management application where hospitality was stepping aback because of complications in implementation mainly cost, IT infrastructure requirement and efficiency of staffs to adopt it. Otel Technology has architectured the most economical and efficient solution to automate the hotel servicing digitally. Simply to say all services are logged through cloud based dashboard and the commands are sent to respective sections automatically, those are tracked by computer programmes and notified via SMS and Dashboards. OtelTSM throws reports and MIS algorithmically computed through high end analytics and ticketing system.

How hotels benefit :
  • Hospitality desk to reduce manpower
  • No missing of guest calls or request
  • Maximise service attending within built SMS module
  • Sophisticated Task Management system
  • Intelligent reporting system and MIS
Facility Services
Clubs, Restaurants
Guest Houses, Hostels
Product units

TASK management a boom to Hotels

Ideally it’s a self-policing system for hotel servicing staffs.

  • Extensive Back end application
  • Merge all Guest room calls to single hospitality desk concept
  • Every call /request/complaints are logged and rooted to respective Dept.
  • Automated Ticket generated for every requests
  • Services Ticketing and Escalation system.
  • Request sent via SMS to service staffs.
  • Employee analytics.
  • Dashboard for HoD’s & Management